New CBS Series, STAR TREK: DISCOVERY, is set in the PRIME UNIVERSE. The Son of Mogh May Yet RETURN!!! And so, The Battle Continues...


To say that a lot has happened since the #WeWantWorf Campaign was first launched back in July of this year would be like saying, "Tribbles tend to have large extended families..." In other words, a Massive Understatement.

For anyone unfamiliar with our little grassroots movement, here's a basic breakdown:

The #WeWantWorf Campaign is a grassroots movement calling on STAR TREK fans everywhere to show their support for MICHAEL DORN ’s Proposed New Series, STAR TREK TNG: THE WORF CHRONICLES by proudly wearing the OFFICIAL T-SHIRT of the #WeWantWorf Campaign.
Join our crusade to get the final frontier back on screen as we show the CBS executives that: WE WANT WORF!

Go to for details, exclusive videos & much, much more! You can also click on any of the hyperlinks here for some video fun with the cast of the various STAR TREK Series.  

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